s24We offer different types of Summer camps, programs for day and boarding students, each one of them with its own characteristics and different schedules to suit your own needs: ESSENCE, SPANISH INSTITUTE, PART TIME, and ENGLISH AND BEACH.

Our summer camps are developed in Oropesa del Mar, in front of the beach, this is a Mediterranean village ideal for water sports and excellent weather. We have excellent facilities at Camping Didota, wooden cabins with block of exclusive toilets for our participants, classrooms with projector, own cooking prepared for all kinds of special diets, summer pool, computer room, WiFi connection, cinema room, restaurant with large dining room, library, laundry service, etc… And all this under full supervision during the 24 hours by our monitors, as they have extensive experience working with schools and camps in general.


Our Mediterranean region is an ideal place for Summer camps as well as school trips throughout the year either near the beach or inlands. There are many options for groups and schools in the type of camp (nautical camp, multi-adventure, football camp, triathlon, basketball, tennis, bilingual camp are just a few examples), as in the duration of the trip (full week, weekend, fortnight etc…).

We have a great team of qualified instructors, native teachers, qualified in educational practice staff, teachers graduated in Sports Science etc…