Our Summer camps in Oropesa del Mar have excellent facilities by the sea shore. We have accommodation in wooden cabins with toilets and showers for the only use of our participants, six classrooms for language classes and workshops, two of them counts with projector, own cooking prepared for all kinds of diets as there is the possibility of preparing special diets (for vegetarians, for allergic students, etc.), a summer swimming pool, an hot water spa, a computer room, Wi-Fi connection, a restaurant with large dining room, a laundry, a children’s playground and ideal spaces around us for night parties, trips and all kinds of activities whether sports, nautical, etc…

Didota campsite comes season after season modernizing its facilities to provide us with a better enjoyment of these ones by all our participants.

Avda. de la Didota s/n  12594 Oropesa del Mar (Castellón) España