Do you want your children to learn English and have fun at the same time at a Summer camp?

We have a team of teachers with a degree in English Philology with years of experience in this sector, and we also have been applying Bilingual Projects in schools for the preparation of Cambridge exam.

Our English lessons are based on our Bilingual PK project, but at the same time we want to create recreational classes and workshops, we perform interdisciplinary and creative tasks, where we look for fun and learning of English, but with tasks that stimulate students (we work with the language, their tenses, vocabulary, grammar, oral comprehension in areas such as cooking classes, video editing, photography, press / comic workshop, theatre, music, etc…) combining individual and group work.

These are jobs in which the teacher participates as a member of the work team. In certain cases the professor exercises as director of the group, and in others, more frequently, it is an adviser. This makes it possible to distance from the theoretical classes without having to manage without them, giving prevalence to the cooperative work on the part of students and teachers. We must take into consideration that it is a summer camp and the purpose is to learn while having a good time. Before arriving at the camp an evaluation is required to know the conditions with which each student starts. After this, the classes are divided into different groups depending on the level of the students, in order to improve their interaction in the classes.