Our purpose is to prepare students for future degrees in ENGLISH within the EUROPEAN COMMON FRAMEWORK OF REFERENCE FOR LANGUAGES (CEFR).

The main objectives are:
Setting the foundation for future learning in terms of grammar and vocabulary.

Encouraging teamwork and individual work, with habits of effort and responsibility for work, so that the student acquires confidence and self-confidence, awakening the sense of curiosity and interest.

Establishing relationships between word spelling and pronunciation as well as meaning. To recognize sounds and phonemes, as well as proper intonation in expressions.

Understanding texts, either oral or written related to everyday situations.

Preparation for Cambridge exams:

In the course of preparation of Cambridge is intended that the students continue to acquire the competence in the foreign language to be used as a communication tool.
But we also want to familiarize students with the Cambridge exam type and teach them strategies and techniques to help them to prepare and pass the exam. Cambridge University is one of the most prestigious institutions in teaching the English language. Its official titles are widely recognized throughout the world within the educational and work environment.

In order to make this preparation, we rely on the book, combining it with other resources such as games, videos, contests … So that not all the weight of the training it is on the book but it serves as a guide to follow the line that require the different exams. For this preparation we have chosen:

-Get ready for movers (5th year Elementary school)
-Get ready for movers (6th year Elementary school)
-Key for schools (2º year Compulsory Secondary Education)
-Complete PET (4º year Compulsory Secondary Education)

In order to the preparation to be carried out with the highest precision, it is important for the student to undergo a level test that detects his or her level in the four skills: SPEAKING, WRITING, READING COMPREHENSION AND LISTENING.

Types of exams:
For elementary students, Cambridge preparation is based on what we know as YOUNG LEARNERS OF ENGLISH (YLE). This methodology is the first step to motivate students’ learning and to demonstrate to parents in a more official way the progress of students. This type of exams has an equivalence within the CEFR of:
-FLYERS (A2) Basic.

For Compulsory Secondary Education students, Cambridge preparation is based on what is known as KEY ENGLISH TEST (KET) and PRELIMINARY ENGLISH TEST (PET). Following the same line in the methodology mentioned above, these levels help to strengthen student learning and provide official degrees with an important academic value. This type of exams has an equivalence within the CEFR of:
-KET (A)
-PET (B1)

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